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I have been visiting Mandy Banton Osteopath for approximately three years. My first visit was down to a constantly painful shoulder which left me almost in tears and had received treatment from other well being professionals but no-one seemed able to give me a diagnosis or long term relief.
Mandy assessed my body whilst I stood upright and asked me to make a few very gentle movements, this was followed by a lovely, relaxing session lying on the treatment bed whilst she very gently used her hands to release and sooth my aching shoulders.
All of this was very comfortable and at no point have I ever experienced anything even remotely uncomfortable during a session with Mandy.
Mandy was able to explain why I was in discomfort and she found a way to release my body from its discomfort.
I see Mandy every six or so weeks to make sure my body remains pain free and I also encourage other family members to visit Mandy to preserve their well being as I wouldn’t want anyone to be in as much discomfort as I have experienced!


I first visited Mandy after a friend recommended I tried osteopathy for bad hip and leg pain, triggered by osteoarthritis. Mandy explained that whilst osteopathy was not a miracle cure, it nevertheless would help underlying conditions as well as the arthritis. I was asked a lot of questions about my general health before moving on to a thorough assessment of my physical state. This was all very painless and gentle but it enabled Mandy to conclude where my problems lay and how she could help. We agreed that I would have 3 treatments and would then assess where to go from there.
I have found the treatments themselves very pleasant and relaxing, to the point where I could have dozed off! I could also feel a warm relaxing glow right down my leg. I have found I have much less pain in my hip, and most importantly I can walk so much easier. I am not limping like I used to, and can walk much further than before. I do of course still feel pain and some stiffness but it tends to be occasionally, rather than all the time. I feel I can now plan holidays etc without worrying about whether I will be able to do any walking. I am also taking much fewer painkillers. The likelihood of a hip replacement has receded too.


I am a keen amateur sportsperson who enjoys activities including running, rowing and cycling.  I recently visited Mandy as I was suffering with severe lower back pain.  Following a physical assessment she quickly identified the cause of my problem and I was amazed she was able to fix the problem in such an gentle, effective way.  I am now able to continue doing the sports I enjoy so much – Thank you Mandy!


I have seen Mandy sporadically over the last 10 years to straighten and loosen my neck, back and shoulders caused by stress and strains in my life. Mandy has always been very skilled and professional, often identifying problems when conventional medicine failed to find a solution. I have had very good results from Osteopathy and have every confidence in Mandy and have already recommended her to family and friends.


I recently visited Mandy with shoulder, neck and arm pain.  I work in an office and spend a lot of my time sitting at a desk.  The discomfort was making it increasingly difficult to work, I was taking painkillers just to get through the day and I often woke up at night due to the pain.   Mandy undertook an extremely comprehensive assessment and quickly diagnosed the problem.  After the first session of treatment I felt immediate relief.  Mandy also recommended a series of exercises to help strengthen the shoulder area and within a week I was back to my old self!
The best thing about the treatment (which also really surprised me) was feeling energised afterwards, rather than tired, battered and bruised which I have experienced after visiting other practitioners.  Mandy’s gentle, considerate approach worked wonders for me and I can’t recommend her highly enough.


Mandy has been invaluable in helping me to improve and maintain the function and mobility of my hip over several years. I have also seen wider health benefits from the treatments. Her thoughtful expertise, coupled with a sensitive, individualised approach has also won the trust and confidence of other members of my family who have consulted her on a number of occasions for a range of issues, all with positive benefits.